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Live Vinyasa Flow Yoga Practice

Hey every-BODY,
Although I have been sincerely grateful for the „quaranite“ time period, since it has allowed me to dive-deep back into my own individual practice (because sometimes it is easy to get overidentified with the role of a „Teacher“ or „Student“), I feel inspired to share again. This stands as a reminder, that „teaching“ and „learning“ are two sides of the same coin, which with time are balanced. I will be sharing this form of „BODY PRAYER“ with the community in english during online ZOOM calls on wednesday mornings under this beautiful pine tree. 🙂

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a more dynamic practice compared to other Hatha yoga types, such as Ashtanga yoga, during which the practitioner stays in a position for longer breath-counts. During „Vinyasa“ – INHALATION, EXHALATION or RETENTION of BREATH connected with each ASANA- we are able to move-out any stagnated energies through our body, while also training our mind to stay present. By maintaing our attention on a point in space, our „drishti“, we are disciplining the mind to stay present with all the physical sensations, emotions and thoughts arising in the body, in order to practice the state of the inner „OBSERVER“. In this practice, we learn not only to embrace our experience in all its Totality (to FEEL everything in its fullness), however to also release identification with strong body senses during challenging poses, so we may train ourselves to „Respond“- rather than „React“. Ultimately, this practice is about discovering inner-liberation from the „mind“, and finding union between our physical, mental and emotional bodies.


*I will share the link to the ZOOM meeting room 5-10min before the practice is scheduled to begin. 🙂


Bal 08 2020


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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