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Night of fairy-tales

Dear Reader,

I know last months have been shocking for you. Humanity wasn’t ready for such drastic change of usual life and while a lot of us are confused and lost I am suggesting to run away from reality by staying up late for one night and tell each other fairy-tales.
My Dearest Reader, unfortunately, as we can’t leave our homes, we are going to do it on-line via Zoom. To make this night more magical and intimate I am suggesting (not forcing) to take nicknames, speak with cameras off an if you’d like – even with changed voice. You can make up your own fairy-tales or tell your favourite ones. You can tell your life stories or you can hide the true story under magic. You can sing, you can play on musical instruments, you can read poems. You can be whoever you want, create your own reality, for one night, with me.

I hope that I have interested you and you will accept my invitation. We are going to start at 23:00 on April 10 using English for communication. Don’t feel embarrassed if you’re not that good, I will wait for you in any case.

The Narrator

Join Zoom Meeting:

And get the badges here: click „join“ and see you 🙂


Bal 10 2020


11:00 pm - 12:00 am

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Žalianamis - atviras jaunimo centras
Žalianamis - atviras jaunimo centras Vilnius Lithuania 10204
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