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Survival Game

Last months are so crazy that it more and more reminds an apocalyptic movie. While we are all stuck in our homes to prevent further spreading of the virus I am suggesting you to play a game and imagine that we actually ARE one step away from apocalypse.

Only lets change COVID-19 to a national disaster. Imagine in a week an asteroid will destroy our planet and the whole humanity dies but there’s a bunker made for specific number of people (number will be determined by number of players) and we are to decide who will take his place in the bunker and who will be left out to die. Each player will have its occupation/profession which will be set by online generator (I will provide you with a link after all players gather) after which players one by one will try to explain why it is him/her who has to be saved and put a start to a new generation of humanity after everything revives.

It’s a psychological game which develops critical thinking and imagination. The game is going to be led in English , but still feel free to attend even though you are not a perfect speaker. It’s led by our new international volunteer Elen who is a very artistic and creative person and loves games.

The game is hold online. Follow the link below for zoom to enter the game on April 6 at 6pm !

Here is link for get the badges:

You need to click „join“ 🙂


Bal 06 2020


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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Žalianamis - atviras jaunimo centras
Žalianamis - atviras jaunimo centras Vilnius Lithuania 10204
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